About us

The Marigold Inn

Located in Hicksville, Ohio the Marigold Inn is a new spin on an established motel. 

Our goal is to establish a comfortable living space for all visitors to our area. With our focus on homeliness and hospitality, and a small town feel where everyone will feel welcome. Established in 2019 we purchased the old Beecher's Den and have since focused on remodeling, and updating the establishment with you in mind. 

Our team


Cassie and Keith Feller

Together we jumped in headfirst to create the greatest small town motel in the world. We are redefining the very definition of motel and every day we go above and beyond to achieve our dream. We met in 2004 and got married in August of 2006. Along the way we lived in various parts of Ohio including the little big city of Defiance. In 2012 we purchased our home in Hicksville, Ohio and had a blast renovating it! At our home on the outskirts of Hicksville, we discovered that we had a knack for hospitality and really enjoyed building our own little community. It wasn't long before the local motel went up for sale and we decided that we are just crazy enough to do it again. Except, this time we are excited to share our story with our guests and continue our tradition of community and family. 

The Family

Cassie's father, Scott helps us out with all of our landscaping needs. He has spent many hours reinventing our property and bringing out the potential in our 2 acre property. 

The Marigold Inn, is named after Cassie's mother Mary. Scott always referred to her as Marigold and it just stuck. She even helps out and has sewed all of the curtains throughout the rooms.